Phot's for assignment
this photo was presented well, lots of points of focus ( mountains in background, town houses, bush) and in full colour.
This shot makes it not clear what is the main pull of focus I think it is just a nature sceen if not it would be focusing on the town houses. I felt calm, peacful and a sense of belonging. It makes you wonder if ants are small of we are just big.
I would of liked it if the houses in the center of the picture would be more in focus because having the one odd shack in the for ground in focus looks odd. I might of even put more mountain and less town because it gives perspective.
This photographer use a slower shot to allow the water to appear flowing ( short shot makes water look like a rain storm paused). I thought it was framed nicely by the hill and greenery. I feel like the subject is the bridge because it is in the center of the picture and the most clear of the visual pulls. It might of been interesting to see the picture in short clip to give that droplet effect. When seeing this photo it made me fell excited by the rush of the water and I could imagine the roar of the water. I felt timid thinking about crossing the bridge and wanted to laugh at the thoght of my dad and I climbing the water fall.
This was my favourite picture because of the extreme light in the background the tree appears to be black and white against the blue sky.This picture gives me the feeling of resiliancy the tree standing tall no matter how much snow gets pilled on it no matter how cold it gets this tre is determined to reach the clouds. The photographer who caught this shot was a lucky man the hoarfrost and sun at the perfect time made this shot and I think it is awesome the way it is.

Mrs. Pantel's comments:
You chose three interesting pictures, and made comments that really tell me how you feel when you looked at them. You briefly touch on the photo elements for each picture.

I was not sure what you meant by presented well in the first picture. Your second picture is a picture similar to ones that I took a few years ago when we were traveling in Banff. The water always seems so powerful in a waterfall. Your last phot is truly beautiful. This is when I am glad that we live in a cold climate and can truly see that type of beauty.