Hi guys It is time for term one celebration here you go

 Time for celebration

#1- Matthew, Joel and I built a fish tank with two fish and a little castle in it and after time with much trial and error we built a filter system that would not explode in the middle in the night. YES! This project was for our body is like a assignment, I also made a brochure and helped brainstorm newspaper ideas. I was very happy with the outcome of this assignment.

#2 - I won the vollyball tournament in gym. Me and my team mates Matthew, Gloria, Sydney, Kevin and Brett were extremely happy with this as we were handed the trophy we knew this would be something to remember until next time. I considered this task quite difficult but in the end we came out winners.

#3 I am very pleased with getting top or almost top marks for all band tests this year. At some times it is hard to want to leave whatever I am doing and go practice for bad or music but I felt it payed out in the end.

#4 My silver medal in grade 5 singing was not part of school but I was very proud of it and wanted to tell the world. It is one of my greatest accomplishments and I am very proud.