Term 2 Goals

Hi everybody Here are my goals for term two.
Goal # 1
To get better at my spelling, grammer
and not writting in block but in sandwich paragraph form.
Goal # 2
Organizing my order of operations for projects figuring out what I want to do first.
Goal # 3
To study for french and math tests.
Goal # 4
Not sign up for so many things so I dont end up not being able to have free time.

Jan. 3rd

Well happy new year everybody so far I have only done a little to start my goals.
I have been stepping towards not writting in block form by working on debate, writting my speeches on the computer and I think this goal is slowly coming along.
I have been organizing my many projects for school and comunity over the break whether it was deciding which days to memorize my Aladdin script or working on the finaly and my song for the broadway bash which is coming very fast, working on debate or working on my audition song for the sound of music.
I decided that this goal is not one I am going to keep up I thought about it and realised that I was already doing it in french my scores wont be getting higher and I study for math tests so I am not going to totally ditch it but keep it in my mind so that I always remember to try.
Well you can see from goal 2 that this is the goal I have not been keeping up. The problem is I have far too many interests to keep up with everytime I manage to drop one thing I pick up another. I already do Band, sing, piano, Aladdin,debate, the Broadway Bash and soon I will be auditioning for the sound of music as one of the vontrap kids on top of that I might be signing up for gymnastics at marian again and I am thingking about going thbe mandarin classe
hello every body some of my goals are coming along and some arent

Goal #1
spelling and grammar are not on the top of my list but for
GOAL 4 am done aladdin so I have much more time for the broadway bash which is almost done but everybody is panicked becauset ticket sales suck I am not in sound of music so that frees up time that might of been filled debate is done for me and I did not sign up for basketball I still want to sign up for gymnastics but my dad keeps forgetting so that is one way to free up my time.
We have not had any math or french tests but I studied for my ecosystems
March 7
Goal#1- I am not sure if my spelling is getting better but i think my grammer has improved. But by writting lots of speeches and the social studies essay my sandwich paragraph has gotten better.
Goal#2- This is a goal that has come along well it made the ecosystems video a whole lot easier
goal#3- I have not really done this goal but I have studied for the past math test
Goal#4- I have nothing to do as far as extra curriculars besides music lessonhs. But I find it boring so I would like to take up one or two more activities.

March 12, 2011
Mrs. Pantel's comments:
Well I am certainly glad to finally get in to your wikispace and see that you have been keeping up with reflecting on your goals. Your sandwich paragraphs are coming along quite nicely and I notice that you are paying more attention to GRAMMAR. We will be doing a little specific studying on this during our last term of grade 7.

You love being busy! So scheduling will be important for you. I notice that you seem to be quite on top of things, and will write down items when we are discussing criteria in class. Good for you because this will help you out when you go to actually complete the assignment.

Keep up the awesome work!