Goal 1
Organization- last year my stuff continually got a lot more organized but I would like to keep it a more constant clean. moving stuff off my desk at the end of the day and general locker organization

goal 2

taking a non leadership role in group work situations

I feel like I don't always let other people in the group get as much of a chance to always express their opinions and follow them through. I am going to take more of a back seat in group work but still cooperate

goal 3
stop mooching loose leaf

goal 4 walking and biking to school as much as possible.

goal1 - yah no haven't really been working on this one so much, I feel like I have been focusing on the other goal's more than this one. But I am starting fresh! I will be going to organize my desk and locker after writing this and the newsletter.

goal2 - I feel like I been doing a good job on this in a couple of the group projects I have been stepping out of the main leadership roles and only making a few of the decisions.

goal 3- I have not taken a single sheet

goal 4- I feel like I really have been improving on this goal I on average have been walking or biking at least 3 days a week to school. the only problem is that I need to be taking my horn to school and back. But I will be fixing this problem by betting another horn.