1. To not always take leadership roles in a group situation
  2. I should still continue to sort out my order of operations for school projects and make sure all parts of the assignment are complete
  3. work on grammar
  4. To always ask for help if I dont understand something so I can stay on task with the rest of the group
Term 3 evaluation
1. Well I have not done so well on this goal, I still go for the leader job and a few times I have taken a support role but this is something I still definitely need to work on.
2. I ca now call this 90% a personal standard it is something I do automatically now most of the time. There is still the odd occasion where I tend to jump before I decide where I want to go but I am very happy with how I have been doing on this goal.
3. My spelling and grammar have gotten better from the start of the year but this is probably the goal I need to work the most on.
4. I have been understanding much more easily due to my ability to now ask for help. It use to be that I could not ask questions or get anything wrong of the bat I was worried to ask for help but that has gotten a lot more easy.
April 5, 2011
Mrs. Pantel's comments:

Think about it not as not taking a leadership role but how you can support each other better. Let me help you with the grammar and make sure to add periods. You are a very directed learner and it is wonderful to see your focus.